Morning chills, warm blankets and hot chocolate. It is Christmassy time of the year! But the onset of winter does not only mean pleasant times; it has its unappealing side too. The scary face of winter comes in the disguise of diseases and other health ailments. Falling temperatures can make people prone to various infections, especially kids and aged people who are the most vulnerable to different bacteria and viruses. Due to this, most people end up falling sick since the winter season lowers immunity levels and makes people feel sluggish and lethargic. You should look for skin-related issues and respiratory diseases, particularly during winter. It is imperative to watch for symptoms of these health issues and apply the correct treatment measures to cure these ailments in time. Here are a few health issues that people face during the winter season:

Common cold

Common cold

During the cold months, people suffer from the common cold very frequently. Common cold symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, headaches and sore throats. No serious medication is required to cure a common cold, but a few over-the-counter medications and nasal sprays can make the person feel better. Having a good amount of rest and taking warm fluids can also help with faster recovery. Keeping a vaporiser inside your home can also help in relieving the discomfort by adding both moisture and medication in the air around the house.


Pneumonia is another widespread lung infection. Its symptoms include problems with breathing, coughing, and sneezing. Kids below two years and individuals over 65 years are most likely to get affected by this infection. During such conditions, Nebulisers from Coronation come as a great relief as most doctors recommend using them to treat respiratory problems. If you have a prolonged cold, high fever or breathlessness, consult a doctor for further treatment. Eating nutritious food and maintaining good hygiene can prevent this ailment

Coronation nebulisers

Sore throat

 It is very uncomfortable when a person suffers from a sore throat. It is common among children, and its symptoms include difficulty swallowing food and water, headache and fever. You can treat it with antibiotics if prescribed by a doctor.

Acute ear infection

 In winter, ear infections are common due to bacteria and fluid buildup inside the middle ear. It is typically caused by cold, sinus infection, and climate change. You might experience inflammation, severe ear pain, hearing loss, and discomfort in the ear. It is recommended to consult an ENT for treatment.

Winter skin ailments

During winter, you are prone to not only respiratory ailments but many skin issues like itching, flaring of eczema, and psoriasis. You should make it a point to moisturise the skin at least once every day and use sunscreen to prevent UV damage.

Coronation’s thermometer


It is also known as the common flu and is caused by a highly contagious virus. Its symptoms include fever, cough, chest congestion, fatigue and chills. Using Coronation’s thermometer to keep a check on body temperature can be helpful for recovering from such a flu. Further you should take an adequate amount of rest as it helps with faster recovery. It can also lead to severe complications in patients who are above 65 years of age or young kids.

The cold weather can take a toll on both the mental as well as physical health of people. Maintaining motivation and staying active and fit during winter is very important. Further, eating healthy food, maintaining hygiene and working out regularly can help avoid the above mentioned ailments. Along with this, coronation medical equipment can aid your journey to stay fit and healthy during the cold weather. Coronation can be your perfect partner for keeping diseases at a distance this winter season.