Today, latex gloves have become more relevant than ever, especially after the pandemic. Since most of us want to avoid coming into contact with viruses and bacteria, these gloves have become a commonly used solution for this problem. As a result, the demand for heavy-duty latex examination gloves has increased. To cater to such a large demand pool, substandard latex gloves are often sold. So to choose the best quality gloves, here are a few qualities that should be kept in mind: latex gloves should be comfortable, touch-sensitive, cost-effective, and highly durable. One such brand that offers all these features in its latex gloves is Coronation.

Coronation latex gloves are popular among consumers due to the high-quality latex used in their production. Latex gloves from Coronation are renowned for their strength and durability. Its distinctive qualities have made its gloves popular for commercial, household, and medical use. However, there has always been a little resistance from people to using latex gloves due to many misconceptions. Some say that using gloves can hinder working smoothly, they are uncomfortable to wear and so on. These misconceptions can be overcome by using Coronation latex examination gloves. Using latex gloves provides a comfortable and skin-like feel and plays the critical function of protection in specific tasks where skin-to-skin touch must be avoided. Here are a few ways in which latex examination gloves can prove to be highly useful:

coronation latex examination gloves

To provide protection against hazards during medical use

Latex examination gloves are an excellent choice for medical applications because they are disposable, sterile, and hygienic. Laboratory workers also use latex examination gloves because they work well with most biological elements. Not only that but they are also known to protect against both chemical and biological hazards. Due to their precision and tactile quality, latex gloves have become the preferred choice of physicians and surgeons.

latex examination gloves - protection against hazards

To maintain hygiene while handling food

From kitchens to delivery, using latex gloves is a significant aspect of sustaining hygienic food services to consumers. These help the food service providers with an extra layer of protection by avoiding contamination and protecting the consumers against any food-borne diseases. However, a change of gloves must be done between the two tasks to prevent cross-contamination. In addition, latex gloves can also be beneficial for the person handling food since they act as a protective layer to sensitive hands, improve hand grip, and avoid cuts and scratches. One of the most critical aspects of the food industry is sanitation and food security. A good sanitation standard can be guaranteed by keeping up with essential measures and ensuring the use of gloves.

latex examination gloves - maintain hygiene

To execute a safe emergency assistance

A pair of latex gloves is one of the essential things that should be there in every first aid kit. Latex gloves are a barrier while treating a casualty to avoid contact with blood and infection. In this, it is crucial to prevent cross-contamination since there is a risk of spreading infections like HIV, Covid-19 etc. Using latex examination gloves gives the caregiver a sense of security from the potential problem. However, hands must be washed while the gloves are on, and proper disposal of gloves should be done afterward to ensure safety.

latex examination gloves - execute a safe emergency assistance

Why opt for Coronation Latex examination gloves?

Coronation offers a wide variety of high-quality latex examination gloves for health professionals, dental and other hospital services. To facilitate a better grip, these gloves have a micro-textured finish and are made of natural latex to provide the best hand protection. The fit and comfort that coronation latex gloves provide are incomparable since they have skin-like thickness and are ambidextrous.

As proved above, Coronation's latex examination gloves have multiple uses and are very versatile. This is attributed to its numerous functionalities as they have superior elasticity, touch sensitivity and protection from chemical and biological hazards. Over the years, Coronation has gained expertise in manufacturing high-quality and highly functional latex examination gloves by improving our range's strength, durability and ease of wear. Today when viruses and bacteria have become an alarming issue affecting the health of the masses, latex gloves can prevent the spread of viruses, positively impacting public health.