The ongoing festive season is one of the most loved times of the year. Your house may be swamped with mouth watering delicacies, decorations, newly purchased items and guests. Another to-do thing in your festive checklist would be a task you wish to avoid: cleaning. Occasions require thorough vigorous cleaning, but you shouldn't just buy the first gloves you see.

Household gloves are exactly what they sound like: they are gloves to wear while cleaning your house. Gloves are versatile and multi-purpose, and despite the bright yellow glove stereotype, they are available in many colors.

Gloves: a versatile and effective medium, but why?

Still, many people choose not to use protective gloves when cleaning their homes. This is fine for easy tasks like sweeping or vacuuming. Many standard cleaning supplies, however, include harmful chemicals that can harm your skin and cause irritation and redness. For instance, bleach contains corrosive chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide, which may indirectly contribute to allergies by irritating your skin and respiratory tract. Household gloves can protect you against pre-existing allergy reactions but also be able to prevent them. Wearing gloves can also help reduce the development of calluses by keeping your hands soft and supple.

Does quality matter?

While some disposable latex gloves are used for cleaning, they don't provide the exact level of protection as rubber cleaning gloves. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), disposable gloves should not be used again as you risk a lot of viruses in case the gloves have tears.
On the other hand, most household gloves are made of rubber. They provide excellent agility while also providing adequate protection from common household cleaning agents.

Generally speaking, gloves made of natural rubber will be far more durable than those made of synthetic rubber. Not only that, but they are reusable for up to three years. Therefore, if you want to select gloves with a long lifespan and durability, you might need to consider them. Coronation's household gloves protect your hands from harsh detergents and chemicals and help prevent calluses and rough skin.

Coronation Household gloves

Household Gloves from Coronation are highly flexible and durable and have excellent grip. They are multi-purpose and can be reused for a long time. Our gloves have been ergonomically designed and shaped to be comfortable to wear. Its flock lining contributes to its comfortable and soft fit. The gloves are highly flexible and supple due to their high-quality rubber construction. As a result, users can move their hands more freely while wearing the gloves. Rubber gloves from Coronation Home protect your hands from detergents, household chemicals, hot water, and dirt. They aid in retaining moisture and your hands' natural protective oils. They are available in various sizes ranging from X.S., S, M, and XXL, allowing anyone to use these gloves without hesitation.

For extra protection and care for your family's hands, Coronation brings you a high-quality range of rubber gloves. It is high time that you start using household gloves while cleaning. Even though the effects might not always be visible, over time, the impact of the cleaning agents will start to show up. Check Coronation's website for these gloves, and see how much difference it makes.

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