Did you know that asthma along with other breathing disorders is one of the leading reasons why children miss school? The good news is that your child won't have to continue to miss out or their learning won't be hampered because of this. This highly sought-after device – A Nebulizer, is a medicinal drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist, inhaled into the lungs.

Boy with cough symptom

There are several respiratory disorders that affect children at a young age these days, including but not limited to - the common cold, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, strep throat, and even pneumonia.

Respiratory distress in children has several causes. Most often, it results from infections, chronic illnesses or blocked airways. Using a nebulizer, liquid medications can be delivered to the body through the lungs in order to treat these respiratory conditions. This device is also helpful in treating acute breathing emergencies.

The Coronation Nebulizer is made of high-quality ABS material and non-toxic plastic. It is available in 3 models:

  • Coronation Regular Nebulizer
  • Coronation Regular Nebulizer Mini
  • Coronation Regular Nebulizer Compact
Coronation Nebulizers

All the models contain a nebulizer cup for the medicine, 2 Masks are provided as a standard - Adults Mask and Child Mask, a long air tube to connect to the nebulizer, a mouthpiece, extra filters and the nebulizer compressor itself.

Using a Nebulizer for kids is a task that must be undertaken with care. Since toddlers and kids take time to understand and adapt to any new approach of drug delivery, it is important to understand the steps to be followed when using nebulizers for kids:

Step 1 : Connect the long air tube to the nebulizer machine. Ensure you have washed your hands and sanitised your surroundings for hygiene.

Step 2 : Fill the medicine cup with the prescribed medicine and close it tightly to avoid any spillage.

Step 3 : Attach the long air tube and the mouthpiece or mask to the medicine cup.

Note : For inhalation, the mouthpiece is ideally used for kids under 6 years old who are fussy and fidgety with new equipment. The kids mask can be used for kids over 4 years of age.

Step 4 : Switch the button on and ensure the mouthpiece is kept firmly in the mouth so that the medicine goes into the lungs.
Note: Medicine to be used in the cup is usually between 2 to 8 ml and the entire inhalation process requires around 10-15 mins to complete.

Step 5 : Once the medication is consumed, switch off the device, wash the medicine cup and mouthpiece thoroughly with water and air dry until your next treatment.

Coronation Nebulizers, while heavy duty, sturdy and durable, are compact and easily portable, which makes them convenient to handle. They also have low noise levels and are suitable for all ages.

While using nebulizer for kids, it is imperative that using the nebulizer is incorporated within the daily routine, paired with a fun activity like watching a show together, and used at the same time everyday so your child knows when to expect it.

With Coronation as your health partner, we ensure that you and your child have the utmost comfort with our products, so everyday routine is easy and full of joy!